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Work Experience

Topaz Labs | AI Driven Photography Software

Topaz Labs Written Summary and Link to Video

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, QML, QTIFW, C++, Boost, TensorFlow, Python, Amazon AWS
Feb 2016 - present
Application Devleloper Frontend QML, Engine C++ Video Demos

Operations and Deployment. Configuring environments for deep learning with tensorflow and docker on Ubuntu
Research and Development: Deep Learning, AWS, React.js, new product prototyping

Corduro | Mobile Payments | Google Funded

Android Developer | PayMobile
Payment SDK development | App Development

Description: Developed SDK so that third party
developers can extend the Corduro Paymobile payment gateway
Eclipse, Android Studio, REST, SVN, GIT, payment systems
code refactoring, cleanup, documentation, testing via JUnit
Jan 2014 - Jan 2016

Parasol Labs | Texas A&M

undergrad researcher | C++ development
research topics: autonomous robot motion planning, approximate convex decomposition
Summary: 3D models are becoming larger and more complex due to hardware advances
and higher demands for realism in 3D models and simulations. Decomposition
can be used as a preprocessing step for making large model data sets manageable
by splitting a large model into smaller sub models
OS: Fedora
IDE: Vim, make
published research log and research paper
Summer 2012

Moroch LP

animator | interactive design | 3D generalist
projects:McDonalds: Angus Biggest Fan, McDonalds: Coke Go Large, McDonalds: Beat Mornings
Skills: Flash Animation, basic ActionScript development, 3D rigging, animation, modeling, lighting
Video Demos
Aug 2007 - Nov 2009


summer hire
3D general | texturing | modeling
projects:Universal Studios: Simpson's Ride
summer 2008



Proficient in: QT, QML, C++ (STL),
Java (Android, XML, JSON, JUnit)
Dabbled in: Python (Wx), C (Unix stream sockets), Processing (Arduino), Racket, Prolog, HTML/CSS/JS, MIPS, LaTeX (for research papers)

Operating Systems

Developed in: Windows, Mac, Fedora, Ubuntu, Android,
Dabbled in: CentOS, Lustre (technically a distributed file system, not OS)


Western Governors University

BS Computer Science
Currently enrolled in My Senior Year

Collin College

AS 3D Animation
Cum Laude
Awarded Dec 2009
3DCG Portfolio


CIW Site Development Associate